Achieving Your Goals with Different Medical Weight Loss Plans

Published July 05, 2023
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At Trim Body M.D., our different medical weight loss in Costa Mesa plans combine counseling and lab testing to assist our clients in determining the best method for their individual needs.  Balancing hormones, counteracting prescription drugs that cause you to gain weight, metabolic testing, and weight loss medications are some of the most effective methods we employ at our weight loss clinic.

Certain kinds of Exercise Routines are required

Exercise routines must be tailored to meet your specific weight loss goals and result from workouts that combine cardiovascular and muscle development.  Biking, cross-country skiing, running, and swimming are excellent cardiovascular exercises that help burn calories.  As a result of these high-intensity workouts, your body burns off fat.  Furthermore, these activities replace fatty tissue with muscle. However, eating healthy becomes equally important so that you can stay healthy yet maintain the weight loss that you have achieved on a long term basis.

Coping with Medications that cause You to gain Weight

Certain prescription medications have a number of unwanted side effects, including weight gain.  These medications change your body’s chemistry and can adversely affect the fat-burning process.  Medications typically interact differently with the persons taking them.  Lab results can determine if certain prescription medications are causing problems such as slowing down your metabolism.

Metabolism Issues

Individuals who have slower metabolic rates have more difficulty trying to lose weight when dieting and exercising.  These individuals require different weight loss methods.  Our medical weight loss techniques are specifically designed to address each client’s individual needs.  Age, gender, and muscle mass are the primary factors that influence a person’s metabolism.  Unfortunately, our metabolism slows down as we get older and results in having less energy and in many cases, gaining weight.  Consequently, the medical weight loss plans inCosta Mesa are tailored to these individuals.

Why follow Medical Weight Loss Plans?

As the leader in medically supervised weight loss, our comprehensive programs will help you lose weight quickly and safely.  Our programs do not rely on drugs that make you jittery or surgical procedures.  Our approach is simple.  We examine the medical issues causing the problem, develop a solution, and provide a source for freshly prepared meals that make our program easier to follow.

We believe our medical weight loss plans are the last diets you’ll need to follow.  We offer several different medical weight loss plans in Costa Mesa including:


  • B12 vitamin shots
  • HCG weight loss plans
  • Super Shot Weight Loss program
  • Wegovy® and Ozempic (semaglutides)

To learn more about any of our medical weight loss plans, call Trim Body M.D. today at (949) 267-7386. Our experts are available to help you on your weight loss journey.

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