5 Ways a Medical Weight Loss Specialist Can Help You

Published June 26, 2023
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At our Trim Body M.D. medical weight loss facility in Costa Mesa, we have experienced counselors, physicians, and staff members who want you to achieve your weight loss goals for 2023.  As professionals, we know that our medically supervised weight loss programs are more effective than other dieting plans.  Consequently, the licensed professionals at our Costa Mesa facility do more than simply enrolling you in a fat loss program because everyone’s requirements, weight loss goals and metabolism differs. We also provide the following services:

  • Body composition evaluation – one of the reasons Trim Body M.D. is one of the most respected medical weight loss centers inCosta Mesa is because we measure the ratio of fat to muscles in your body.  This is how we ensure that you’ll lose fat and not muscle mass.  With a body composition evaluation, we can adjust your diet as needed to ensure the best weight loss results possible.


  • Effective weight management – achieving your weight loss goals has never been easier with our medically supervised weight loss programs. We don’t quit working with you once you’ve achieved your goals.  We provide a year of weight maintenance so you can come to us for any support you need to manage your weight effectively.


  • One-on-one counseling – no doubt weight loss camps can be fun and motivating. However, Trim Body M.D. prefers one-on-one counseling because we believe our clients gain more from a more personalized approach to our medical weight loss programs in Costa Mesa.  Before we offer personal advice and support, we feel it’s important to get to know you at a more personal level.


  • Personalized exercise programs – as weight loss specialists, we also offer lifestyle-based exercise programs. For example, if walking is something you enjoy, we can create a personalized walking program suit your specific needs.  The reason we discuss walking is because this activity speeds up your metabolism.  So, when your metabolic rate is high, you burn more calories and lose more fat in the process.


  • Sensible meal planning – one of the best reasons to consider enrolling in a medically supervised weight loss program is that it will provide you with a better opportunity to achieve your weight loss goals quicker and easier. We don’t just measure body fat composition.  Our Trim Body M.D. specialists will help you plan sensible meals that enhance your medical weight loss plan in Costa Mesa.

To learn more about our medical weight loss programs in Costa Mesa, call Trim Body M.D. today at (949) 267-7386. Our comprehensive approach to weight loss is an important milestone in your endeavor to stay fit and healthy. Call in to schedule an appointment with our weight loss experts today.

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