How Does The HCG Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Published January 09, 2023
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Weight loss is challenging as you grow older. Weight loss programs work differently for different people, some respond well to diet and exercise while other require more intensive method to lose weight. Oftentimes, it takes a lot of effort to balance the supplements, sleep, diet and exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

For those who have difficulty in losing weight easily can look into the HCG diet. Weight loss plans are done under the supervision of a doctor where HCG injection is given to restore balance and ensure that you melt away the pounds.

What is the HCG hormone?

HCG hormone is found in women during the early stages of the pregnancy and allows the body to utilize the fat stored in the body to supply nutrition to the mother and developing baby. It is by the detection of the HCG hormone in the blood that a pregnancy is determined. However, in weight loss program, the doctor often uses HCG as part of the regimen to help people lose the extra pounds.

The doctors give the HCG Injection within a medically formulated weight loss program and it is design to kick start your metabolism to lose weight quickly. This diet works for those who are looking to target craving and increase fat burning, shed the extra pounds quickly, while protecting the muscle loss. It helps by enhancing their metabolism and going on a very calorie-specific diet.

HCG injections aid weight loss

In normal weight loss programs, when you shed the pounds quickly, you basically lose water and muscles initially. However, HCG injections, under the supervision of a doctor, prevent you from losing the muscles when you go on a calorie specific diet. By increasing certain hormone levels in your body, you counteract the catabolic state.

Injections prevent muscle loss and burn fat quickly making you lose weight with the enhanced metabolism. It is good for people that have hormonal imbalance that prevents them from losing weight. Weight management is an important criterion to ensure that the weight loss that you work hard for, can be maintained.

People following that HCG diet have to undergo daily injection and the strict diet that is restricted to 1000 calories a day. You get the rest of the nutrition by burning stored body fat that is released slowly, as the HCG diet enhances the metabolism.

By the use of this hormone, in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, you have dramatic weight loss. The hormone that is injected forces of body release the stored fat and that means even when you are on a low-calorie diet, you don’t feel hungry or malnourished. That is why when you are on this diet, stored fat is burned so you don’t have muscle loss.
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